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    When you manufacture with additive manufacturing using our certified materials, you have the unique ability to perform real-life performance test of your designs faster than ever before and produce your jigs & fixtures or even the final product. Additive manufacturing ensures a quicker development cycle which means your organization can move directly into production without time-intensive tooling.

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    Additive manufacturing solutions for modern mobility.买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app

    Address your transportation production challenges head-on. With Additive Manufacturing, you can now easily solve for low volume production by manufacturing customized parts swiftly and on-demand. Keep costs and inventory low when outdated parts break or need updating by having the ability to print them in-house. Some customers have proven overall cost savings of up to 80% compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Ensure your processes stay agile enough to boost overall manufacturing flexibility – a must in the ever-changing world of transport and mobility.

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    Train-ready parts made simple.买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app

    We understand safety and compliance standards are of the upmost importance, especially when it comes to fire hazards. Our ULTEM? 9085 resin and Antero 800NA materials have both passed EN 45545-2 on all hazard levels HL1/2/3 - fully demonstrating that they are suitable for use in production for the rolling stock industry.

    Mitigate production inefficiencies while advancing passenger rail by building out a robust inventory made of sturdy, yet lithe composite parts. 3D printing gives organizations the unique advantage over traditional tooling methods by offering overall enhanced production manufacturing. From a lack of functional customization, to late-stage design changes, traditional tooling manufacturing can prove to be a slow and oft-times costly way to do business. With 3D printing, gone are the days of the long lead times associated with traditional methods. With the ever-increasing pressure to streamline, the production of rail-ready composite parts only grows in necessity for those in the railway industry.

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    Custom 3D printed parts for custom needs.买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app


    Production Parts

    EN 45545-2 compliant 3D printed thermoplastics are modernizing the centuries old mobility industry. Now with the capacity to print production parts, rail companies are able to produce parts as needed – whether that be for restoration purposes or specific tooling for their trains. Regardless of the complexity required, additive manufacturing allows for opportunity that did not exist previously for the manufacturing of sturdy, one-off, and cost-effective parts.

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    Train seats

    “A part can be 3D printed in just hours…within a week, we can iterate and optimize the design and then 3D print a final, customized production grade part. This has enabled us to reduce the manufacturing time of each part by up to 95%, which has significantly sped up our ability to respond to customers.”

    Tina Eufinger, Business Development, Siemens Mobility GmbH

    “The ability to 3D print customized tools and spare parts whenever we need them, with no minimum quantity, has transformed our supply chain.”

    Michael Kuczmik Head of Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Mobility GmbH, Customer Service

    “Before we integrated 3D printing into production, we were limited to higher quantities of parts in order to make the project cost-effective…with the Fortus 900mc, we can now create a design that is 100 percent customized…this takes our production time down from weeks to a matter of days, in a way that we can now produce a single customized part cost-effectively in low volumes.”

    Tina Eufinger, Business Development, SIEMENS Mobility GmbH

    “The ULTEM? 9085 resin material is super-tough, enabling us to leverage all the customization benefits of 3D printing and replace our traditional manufacturing method for this tooling application.”

    Michael Kuczmik Head of Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Mobility GmbH, Customer Service


    3D Printed Joystick

    Stratasys FDM Printing Enables Streamlined Supply Chain买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app

    SIEMENS’ Mobility required an alternative manufacturing solution to overcome time and cost barriers associated with traditional low volume production.

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    3D Printed Train Connectors

    Siemens Mobility Boosts Custom Production Capability买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app

    Siemens Mobility GmbH, part of Siemens AG, sets the benchmark when it comes to technology and engineering solutions for the mobility and transport industry.

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    Stratasys UK Rail Industry Award

    Stratasys recognized for application of 3D printing solutions in UK rail industry买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app

    Angel Trains, DB ESG, Stratasys and Printing Portal have just received “Highly Commended” recognition for a third-place finish out of 20 entries at the annual Railway Industry Innovation Awards, held in London on 28 June.

    Angel Trains, DB ESG, Stratasys and Printing Portal have just received “Highly Commended” recognition for a third-place finish out of 20 entries at the annual Railway Industry Innovation Awards, held in London on 28 June.

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    Bombardier Employee working with 3D Stratasys part

    Bombardier Transportation 3D Printing Case Study买外围用什么软件好,电竞下外围的网站,电子竞技竞猜app

    “We were able to reduce production time for a customized air vent system part from four months to roughly four weeks. That’s a resulting time saving of nearly 77 percent.”

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